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hisvioleteyes's Journal

.:. Devoted to Daniel Molloy .:.
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This is a community dedicated to that Devil's Minion - AKA: Boy from Interview with the Vampire, Daniel Molloy. Daniel is a horridly neglected character and it's about time he had some fans stand up for him!

If you would like to join, please read the FAQ below first:


Is it 'Molloy' or 'Malloy'?

For some reason, people are rather confused by this. However it most certainly is 'MOLLOY'. I've checked Queen of the Damned a score of times, but if you find in any Ricean book where it says otherwise, I stand corrected. However, as of yet, that did not happen...so I'm pretty secure that it's Molloy.

When was Daniel made a vampire?

During the book Queen of the Damned, when he was 32 years old. that would be roughly 1982. (yes, I'm aware that QotD was published in 1988, however most sources agree that Daniel's birth was in 1955...and after being with Armand for 12 years after he was twenty years old... well, you do the math.)

This is, of course speculation. But generally accepted speculation.

Do you have lives? Daniel's in like...ONE BOOK!

Actually, three. Four, if you could TVA (The Vampire Armand), but I shall not as the small mention --and rather unpleasant at that-- of Daniel bothered me. However, he was a prominent person in Interview, as the interviewer... and was briefly in Blood and Gold, living with Marius.

As for the question, yes we do have lives. We're not vampires, we're not dead. At least not when we last checked. When we cease having lives, we shall be kind enough to direct you to our gravestones. Until then, please respect our hobbies, and we'll deal with your Pokémon cards.

What is allowed in this community?

Anything!! Fanfiction, fanart, icons, dreams, etc. As long as it's Daniel related. If it has to do with another character, very well, but Daniel must still be a prominent member of the item of art.

Do you have any sister sites?

We have a fellow sister site... a community dedicated to "Armand/Daniel" (although by no means are you restricted to that HERE), also modded by yours truly. If you have a VC-related community that you would like to add/be-added as sister (or brother) sites... just drop me an e-mail and most likely I will say yes.

Do you have a website?

Not yet. We will.

There's nothing special about Daniel! I hate him!

"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I shall defend your right to say it." - some smart French philosopher I could not identify on my exam.

Any other rules?


It's really not that hard. We're here in our leisure time, people. Let's not spend it by fighting!