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 Basically, this post is about role-playing. Here on Mibba (a creative writing site), we have a role-play section, the original role-play being something called The Coven, in which you can RP any vampire in fiction (or even, a custom vampire). 

We have many vampires from The Vampire Chronicles, but at the moment, we are in desperate need of a Daniel. In order to RP, you must first of all join Mibba and adhere to the rules of the site (not that difficult, just don't claim to be someone you aren't out of the RP section). You then head to the forums, click on Role-Play (subforum of off-topic) and select The Coven (currently on it's third thread). This can be found here:

In order to join, you post a hello, stating who you would like to be (the list of taken characters is given on the first page) with a please. Christian: or Lestat: will respond immediately if they are online. If they are not, I suggest you send the a private message (click the link of their profile that says: send message) and they will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Please remember that the role-play does not adhere totally to the series. For example, Marius and Armand are currently engaged as well as Lestat and Christian (a custom vampire) being married. We would like to ask you to stay in character as much as possible, and make out of character notes very clear (e.g. making font smaller or putting it in brackets). As soon as you are given the go-ahead from one of the founders (Christian or Lestat), you are free to begin RPing.

If you wish to talk to me, I am frequently at The Coven under the name of Mina Harker (Dracula/Demons) and this is my profile page: Feel free to message/comment me if you have any questions, or even if you would just like to say hi. Feel free to join as any vampire you feel like, but a Daniel Molloy would be especially welcome.

I hope to see people there.


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