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Fan fic about...Daniel!

Hey guys, my name is Anne and I'm a new member. I've been searching forever for a community dedicated to Daniel and I'm so glad I finally found one! So, to start this post off with a bang, I thought I'd share this fanfic I wrote. The story's not done yet, but here's the first part. I hope you all enjoy! Please comment and let me know what you think!

Title: This Too Shall Pass

Disclaimer: obviously, all character belong to and are a creation of Anne Rice (except for Elizabeth, she's my own character)

Characters: Daniel Molloy,  Marius, Elizabeth McMowen

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Soft smut and slash

Something you should know: This story sort of follows after the book “Blood and Gold” sequentially. But you don’t need to have read that book to understand this. Enjoy!




“You cannot continue like this, Daniel,” Marius said with as much kindness as he could.

            “I need another box of trees, and more paint. The houses outnumber the trees, it should be the other way around,” Daniel replied calmly, placing the newly finished tree on the table. He bent down until he was eye level with his masterpiece – his miniature world which had consumed him since the defeat of Akasha.

            “Hunt with me tonight, Daniel. You have not drunk in a month,” Marius said as he put on his usual crimson colored cloak and coated his face with make-up. He then slipped on his skin-tight black leather gloves to conceal his fingernails.

            The hunger rose in Daniel, and for the first time in a long while, he did not put it aside. He let the desire for blood run through his veins. Marius saw the pupils of Daniel’s violet eyes dilate as he blinked and ran his tongue over his sharp fangs. It was as though he had forgotten they were there. Daniel deliberately slit his tongue and let the blood flow in his mouth for a long time before swallowing. Yes, tonight he would hunt…many times over. Marius nodded in approval.

            Daniel swiftly and silently brushed back his disheveled auburn hair and removed his soiled clothes. Marius brought him newly tailored jeans and a black button-down shirt. He slipped into the black leather shoes and let the sheer luxury of such fine clothing consume him. He had not had the privilege of enjoying such luxuries as a mortal. And the end of his mortal life was filled with both the purest ecstasy and the cruelest torture.

            He slipped on a black leather jacket and a gray cashmere scarf. He refused the paint for his face and the gloves to hide his hands. He liked to see the shock in mortals’ faces at the whiteness of his skin and the glassy gleam of his fingernails. Indeed, even he was still shocked at this change in his appearance.

            Marius gently nudged Daniel towards the door. Marius stepped out first, and extended his hand, beckoning Daniel to follow. Daniel glanced back at his small world, smiled, and took Marius’s hand.


            They returned about an hour before dawn. Daniel’s face was flushed with the blood of his victims, but the rouge in Marius’s cheeks was already beginning to fade. Marius removed his cloak and sat down on one of the finely furnished chairs that circled the fireplace. Daniel took off his jacket and sat opposite Marius. He slowly stared at all the details of the room, as if he were seeing them for the first time.

            “Shall I order you another box of trees?” Marius asked provokingly. He was testing Daniel to see if this night’s vitality was a sign of returning sanity or a random outburst.

            “No,” Daniel said. Marius let out a sigh of relief. “I want to go back to the States, Marius.”

            Marius could not hide the fact that he was somewhat hurt by the sincerity of Daniel’s wish. He had taken Daniel under his wing after the Great Slaughter – after Daniel had seemed to cave inwards and finally rejected all conversation. After Armand had given up on him and left him in Marius’s care. Ah yes, that was their common bond – their love for Armand. Marius’s beautiful Amadeo.

            “If that is your wish, I will arrange your transport tonight,” Marius said after a long pause. “May I accompany you?” He asked with longing. He was not ready to be alone just yet.

            “If you want,” Daniel said indifferently. Marius looked a little disappointed at this lack of enthusiasm. Daniel had a hard time being sympathetic to Marius, who was his beloved Armand’s maker. Marius, whom Armand loved longer and perhaps more deeply than he had ever loved Daniel. He was appreciative of Marius’s care, but he had a hard time saying so.

            Marius got up and went to the phone to make the plans.

            “Thank you for everything,” Daniel blurted quickly.

            “Your welcome,” Marius said with a gentle smile. This was enough – he did not expect more from Daniel.




            By the next night, we arrived in New York City. I had not realized how much I had missed the hustle and bustle of mortal activity. I could not bear to go to Florida, or New Orleans, or California. They all brought back memories of Armand. Armand, who, for all my power, I could never find again unless some other blood drinker got in contact with him. I blinked the tears back. Screw you, Armand. You’ve left me alone with no one but your maker to console me.

            Marius turned his head and looked at me hurtfully. Dammit, he heard that one. I’ve got to remember to guard my thoughts.

            “Yes, you should,” Marius said chastisingly. “Come, we’ll get a room in the Marriott.”

            Of course. Why should we trouble ourselves with anything less than the very best? We are rich vampires after all. Don’t get me wrong, I love this. But my mortal middle-class mindset is still with me. I’m sure most of my readers can relate.

            After we had gotten the rooms, we walked the streets of Manhattan. Marius would not let me walk so much as a single block by myself. If I wanted anything, it was to be alone right now.

            “I want to go to Brooklyn,” I said. “And I want to go alone. I’ll be back before morning.”

            I didn’t wait for his answer. He was not my maker, I did not need his approval.

            Using my preternatural speed, I ran over the Brooklyn Bridge and into the less populated streets of that borough. God, I loved this new power. I loved everything about being a vampire. Except for that fact that Armand was not with me.

            It had just snowed heavily and the entire place seemed buried in it. I would find no victims roaming the sidewalks tonight – it was too cold for even those who wanted death. But through the all-encompassing white mist, I managed to find a group of four mortals making their way through the snow. They walked in single file, the snow would not allow them to walk together. They were depressingly normal, conservative. But the last one, a kid no more than seventeen, caught my attention.         

            I followed her because she was almost entirely lost in her thoughts, and her thoughts were on loneliness. She walked with her sister and aunts to church. Of all things, to church. . . Elizabeth…her name came to me as though she had deliberately sent it.

            I slowly searched her for everything. Her mind was an open book, all I had to do was have the patience to read it…and bit by bit her story filled my brain. She had never known the touch of a man – but she had known the touch of a woman. She was abandoned by her lover…like me. A lover who had not loved her alone, who had others she had loved longer and perhaps more deeply than she had ever loved this girl. How I saw my own situation mirrored in this girl. 

            Understand, it was not her beauty that attracted me to her, as so often is the case with vampires. Oh, she was very pretty underneath the glasses and messy hair and slew of winter clothes, but no one could’ve seen this tonight…no one except me with my preternatural eyesight. I saw the exquisiteness in the freckled fair face, in the brown curls, and in the melancholy brown-green eyes that stared at the ground.

            I waited for her outside the church and followed her to her home. Her deep hurt and self-hatred drew me in. She felt as though no one truly understood her – as I’m sure most teenagers do. And in her attempts to make everyone happy, she had, in effect, disappointed everyone. She had given everything for this other girl’s love. She had lied to her parents, her sister, concealed most of her life, practically lost her virginity, devoted every waking moment to her. She had nothing left to give. And it had not been enough, she was alone.

            I let the blood tears run freely down my cheeks; no one was out to see them anyway. They dried and blew away like glitter with the wind. Armand, my Armand, why have you forsaken me?

            It was not until an hour before dawn that I returned to Marius, who looked with those worried blue eyes at me as I walked through the door.

            “Forget her,” he said suddenly, “You must never make another out of your own despair.”

            “Don’t read my thoughts if you will not let me read yours,” I replied. I had not even realized that this was my desire. And now it was all becoming clear. I could take her into me, make her mine, and we would love each other for eternity.

            “No! You must not do this, for her sake and for yours,” Marius nearly yelled. I didn’t need to read his thoughts to see he was thinking of Pandora. His fledgling who he had stupidly left nearly two thousand years ago, who had survived the millennia.

            “I won’t argue with you on this, because you’re probably right, as usual. Marius, the Teacher,” I said. I saw this hurt him more than I intended. “Look, I’m tired, so I’ll see you tomorrow night,” and without waiting for his response I lied down on the very comfortable expensive hotel bed and went to sleep.

                        To be conitnued...

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